Tent rentals have been an important industry in the United States for many years.  The use of tents for all sorts of outdoor events and temporary buildings is increasing every year.

The federal government classifies the tent rental industry as a "growth industry".  This means the rental of tents is recognized as an expanding industry.

Many tent rental companies operate only in a small area such as their city, or state.  Others may cover many states in their normal day to day operations.  The most intriguing thing about the tent rental business is that it can be a profitable venture as a two man company, or as a large corporate entity.

The tent rental business can be successful even when tents are the only items rented.  Other companies have been successful combining their tent rental businesses with table and chair rentals.

Yet another choice is to have a tent & party rental company which supplies tents, tables and chairs as well as wedding accessories and even decorations.

Other companies choose to rent all the above items, as well as general contractor tools and even heavy machinery for the construction industry.

Either way, tents are the initial building block for all these varied types of businesses!

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Traditional Pole type tents

Traditional pole type tents are the most popular style of tent for all sorts of uses from party tent rentals to disaster relief tents and revival tents.

Pole type tents are extremely portable making them an ideal choice for those who have need of a party tent but have limited means of transporting their tent. You can even fit all the components of a 60x90 pole type tent in a standard 3/4 ton pickup bed.

Traditional pole type tents provide more covered area for less money than any other type of tent.  This makes a pole type tent ideal for covering extremely large areas efficiently.  Ohenry pole tents are designed to be used over and over again for many years.

At Ohenry tents we have all sizes of pole type tents from traditional pole type tents to high peak tents.  All tent sizes from 10x10 though 100x200 are kept in stock ready to go.

Pole type tents are the ideal party tent choice for:

  • Party tent rental
  • Event tents
  • Festival tents
  • Revival tents
  • Disaster relief tents
  • Tent rental
  • Storage tents
  • Commercial display tents
  • Party rentals
  • Party canopies
  • Auction tents
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  • Highly portable
  • Ease of set up
  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely versatile
  • Available in larger sizes
  • Uses center poles to support roof
  • Cannot be installed against a building (6' spacing required)
Frame type tents

Frame type tents were originally conceived as a design which eliminates the center pole or poles of a traditional pole tent. This is the main reason for this type tent. While eliminating the center pole can be advantageous, the frame type design creates it own set of difficulties.  The biggest difference between pole and frame type tents is that frame type tents use specialized hardware, and require much more labor to install.

The frame type tent is ideal however for use indoors where staking is not possible, or in applications where a center pole is undesirable. or the tent needs to be installed against a building.   Frame tents should be staked out just like a pole tent when used outdoors.

  • No center pole
  • Installation against building possible
  • Ideal for permanent set up
  • Less portable
  • Smaller sizes
  • Labor intensive
  • Specialized hardware
"Mystique" High Peak type tents

High peak tents are classified as "tension"tents. They are highly portable like a traditional pole type tent, and because of aerodynamic design highly resistant to extreme winds.



High peak tents are an ideal solution where the installation is expected to be long term. With the high resistance to wind, and exceptional drainage due to the steep pitch, a high peak design presents many desirable advantages over traditional pole type tents, or frame tents.

High peak tents are extremely desirable for weddings, and other events where an elegant look is desired. While more expensive, the high peak commands admiration.

  • Extreme wind resistance
  • Elegant look
  • Ideal for permanent set up
  • Ease of installation
  • Better drainage
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  • More expensive
  • Uses center poles to support roof

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